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House owner advice heating


Insulate your hot water pipes

Insulating your hot water pipes is a good idea if you want to minimise energy consumption. Homeowners wasting between DKK 1,000 and 2,000 annually by paying for the heat lost through uninsulated pipes is not …

Regulate your central heating system gradually in line with the season

You can cut your heating bill significantly if you regulate your central heating system in relation to the outdoor temperature. The most energy-efficient way to use the system is to both turn on and turn …

Your hot water tank

The temperature in your hot water tank should be 55°C. Higher temperatures are simply a waste of energy and cost both you and the environment. If you reduce the temperature from around 60°C to around …

Correct water pressure in your district heating unit

You should ensure there is enough water in your district heating unit so the water can fill all the radiators in your home. Otherwise, you will get air in the system and it will be …

Heat meter

The heat meter is the device that measures how much energy you get out of the district heating water. See the explanatory video below – choose English subtitles under settings.