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HOFOR procures certified sustainable wood pellets and wood chips for use as fuel in the Amager CHP Plant.

Procurement tender announcements and other procurement related information will be posted here.

For clarification: Please read requirements below.
For tendering: Please use the form below.


  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Pellets
  • Pellets from agricultural residues

NB! Biomass must not be produced from tertiary or contaminated feedstock.

HOFOR contact for questions or clarifications on biomass assortment and quality:

Morten Algreen Nielsen:


Please by request deliver a representative sample of the product (5 kg) for initial test together with a written description of the product.

Samples can be delivered at:
HOFOR, Ørestads Boulevard 35, 2300 København S, Denmark.


  • Wood Chips:
    Minimum volumes per shipment: minimum 2.500 metric tonnes.
  • Wood Pellets:
    Minimum per delivery: minimum 5.000 metric tonnes.


  • HOFOR only accepts SBP-compliant biomass. See
  • HOFOR may demand additional sustainability certification and/or CSR audits depending on country of harvest and/or country of production of the biomass

HOFOR contact for questions or clarifications on biomass sustainability:

Sune Balle Hansen:


  • By ship to Amagerværket, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • By default, FOB.

Contact us

We always welcome inquiries related to fuel procurement, freight and sustainability:

Fuel Procurement
Morten Nielsen
2795 4274

Lise Lund Larsen
2795 4290

Sune Balle Hansen
2795 4230

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    Tendering Form: Biomass Supply HOFOR



    The quality of the biomass shall correspond to the requirements stated in the specifications standards below for wood pellets and woodchips.

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    Download the specification for Wood Pellets Quality Specification Standard

    Download the specification for Wood Chips Quality Specification Standard



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