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General advice gas


Cook together

Eating together creates economies of scale. Consider whether you could eat together with your neighbour or family a couple of times a week. Then you turn on fewer gas burners.

Use a lid when cooking

Place a lid on the pot when cooking on your gas cooker. You retain more of the energy this way.

Cook for several days at a time

Prepare a large portion, so you have food for several days. This way you won’t have to turn on the gas burner so often and for so long.


With some dishes, the final stages of cooking can be done in a haybox. Modern hayboxes keep temperatures high without using any energy whatsoever. An added bonus is that you don’t need to keep an …

Dry your clothes on a clothesline

Does your building’s laundry have gas tumble dryers? Use warm days to dry clothes on a clothesline. That way you cut down on your consumption of gas.

Use less water when cooking

Do not fill more water than necessary into the pot. This way you save gas, water and time.

Be careful what you put in the toilet

Two thirds of your town gas is based on biogas, where we take your wastewater (sewage), treat it, process it and use it in town gas. Therefore, the “cleaner” the wastewater is, the less we …