On this page suppliers may find essential information.

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Data for invoicing

HOFORS CVR-number is: 1007 3022
EAN-number (i.e. GLN – Global Location Number) to HOFOR A/S is: 579 000 168 662 8
D-U-N-S number HOFOR: 307270145 (Data Univeral Numbering System – Dun & Bradstreet)

Read more about all of our companies and see their GLN (EAN) numbers by clicking on the relevant company on the organization chart (In Danish only)
Invoices are only accepted in OIOUBL format with purchase order no. applied.

HOFOR A/S has entered into an agreement with the company Sproom on electronic invoicing. This agreement covers all HOFOR group companies. If you submit invoices via an electronic invoicing agency, you can benefit from using The service is free and there is no turnaround.

Conditions applicable to suppliers

In HOFOR we use standard terms & conditions when entering into agreements for the purchase of goods and services. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the standard conditions apply.

Below you will find our ‘General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Goods’, which covers the purchase of items such as cleaning supplies, office supplies and tools. You will also find our ‘General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Services’, which covers e.g. communications services, technical advice and legal counsel.

Download our Terms & Conditions

 General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Goods

 General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of services

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact us:
  Phone + 45 3395 3395 and ask for either the Procurement Department or the Legal Department, which ever fits your enquiry.

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