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Free drinking water in Copenhagen

In the Capital of Denmark there are more than 60 drinking fountains where you - for free - can enjoy the Danish drinking water, which is among the best and most environmentally friendly water in the world.

Copenhagen has some of the world’s best tasting tapwater. The drinking water in Copenhagen undergoes strict daily quality controls, ensuring that it is perfectly safe to drink – and it is so clean and pleasant tasting that there is no need to add chlorine or other chemicals.

You can enjoy the fresh tapwater many places in the city for free. The City of Copenhagen has put up more than 60 drinking fountains all over Copenhagen, where citizens and guests can enjoy the Danish tap water for free.

Map of the drinking fountains (in Danish)

The drinking fountains marked with yellow are only open during summer. 

Eco-friendly water

The tap water in Denmark not only tastes lovely and fresh, but it is also one of the most eco-friendly things you can drink and a far cheaper way to quench your thirst than with bottled water.

Copenhagen plans to be the first CO2-neutral capital in the world in 2025. To draw attention to the excellent quality of the Danish drinking water, and to spare Copenhagen from the many extra kilos of CO2 emissions the consumption of bottled water entails, the City of Copenhagen have put up the many drinking fountains.

The drinking fountains with tap water in Copenhagen have been designed in a special way giving thought to the appearance, hygiene and user-friendliness.