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Follow HOFOR and the energy situation

Follow HOFOR and the energy situation

Energy supplies are under pressure throughout Europe. Keep up to date on the latest developments and what they mean for you – here. Page last updated on 19. 10. 2022.

Utility services for you as a customer of HOFOR

As things currently stand, our utility services to you should not be directly affected. The supply situation is normal for water, district heating and town gas. However, we have had to raise the price of town gas.

District heating prices

  • We reduced the price of your district heating at the start of 2022.
  • Much has happened since then in the energy markets – in part due to the war in Ukraine. Energy prices have climbed rapidly, and future prices are more uncertain. Announcements from the EU and Denmark’s own government about, for example, a cap on electricity prices could also have an impact on the price of your district heating.
  • We are right now analysing the ramifications for district heating prices this year and in the future, and we will inform you of any changes as soon as we have completed the necessary calculations.

Town gas prices

  • We recommend that all our private customers who are billed according to consumption switch to a Fixed Rate, which is cheaper than Metered Consumption. Customers with an average consumption of town gas are right now able to save DKK 700 a year by switching to a Fixed Rate.

    How to switch to Fixed Rate (in Danish)

Water and wastewater prices

  • We are currently calculating how electricity prices may affect our water prices.
  • Right now, there is no need to adjust prices for water or wastewater drainage, and as usual we will announce next year’s prices by December at the latest.

Price freeze scheme

The Danish parliament has voted for a so-called price freeze scheme that allows for payments in instalments.

District heating and the price freeze scheme

The price for HOFOR’s district heating is far below the price cap for the scheme the government announced on 23 September. At the present time, it would therefore not be possible for district heating customers to join the scheme.

Town gas and the price freeze scheme

The price freeze scheme does not extend to town gas customers and is limited to customers who use natural gas.

What is HOFOR doing to secure supplies

At HOFOR we work every day to ensure our customers have water in their taps and heat in their pipes, while utility prices should be as low as possible. We work constantly to secure the supply of district heating and town gas, and to keep inventories stocked. We have a modern and highly efficient biomass-fired power station (Amagerværket) and have been working hard to fill our biomass stockpiles.

You can help: Save energy

We need to stand together to tackle rising energy prices and fuel shortages in Europe. The easiest way to do this is to cut down as much as we can on heating. Wait to switch on your district heating system, keep living room temperatures no higher than 19 degrees, take shorter hot showers and shower in the evening. All the heating saved now can be used later, and your bill will be smaller.