No need to carry a water bottle when running in Copenhagen | HOFOR

The City of Copenhagen has put up more than 60 drinking fountains all over Copenhagen, where citizens and guests can enjoy the Danish drinking water for free.

The tap water in the Capital of Denmark is among the best and most environmentally friendly in the world.

HOFOR delivers drinking water to Copenhagen, its citizens and the drinking fountains. HOFOR has made three examples of stunning running routes in different parts of the city, where you can enjoy water from the drinking fountains. The routes vary in length.

Route with drinking fountains in The city centre and Østerbro

The route is about 8,5 kilometres long, but it is possible to split it into two smaller routes. In this part of the city you can pass by the historic King’s Garden, the fortress “Kastellet” and one of the three lakes that tie the different urban areas of Copenhagen together.

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Route with drinking fountains in Nørrebro

This route is about 5,5 kilometres long and takes you past green areas like the famous Assistens Cemetery and the Nørrebro Park as well as the multiethnic main street Nørrebrogade.

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Route with drinking fountains in Amager

This route takes you along the old ramparts of the city and Copenhagen harbour, where you can jump in for a swim (because HOFOR has built a series of large underground reservoirs where rain and sewage can be retained to keep the harbour clean).

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